Edition 3 - Original Fine Art Printmakers

Friday 2 May - Sunday 1 June 2014

We are delighted to welcome to the gallery a group of three fine-art printmakers from Oxford : Morna Rhys, Jane Peart & Heather Power.

Their work spans a wide range of subjects inspired by nature and landscapes, local and around the UK & abroad. Beautifully crafted hand-produced prints on paper and on glass.

There will be an opportunity to Meet the Artists on Sunday 25 May from 2pm – 4pm. All welcome..

See a selection of work for sale online HERE.

Below is just a small selection of the work that will be on show during this exhibition along with a little more information about the 3 artists.

Morna Rhys - Edition3 at Obsidian Art

Jane Peart Magpies

Jane Peart - At the Temple of Heaven Bejing

Jane Peart

Jane Peart was born in London and studied illustration at Ealing School of Art where she graduated with distinction in 1975.
SheI worked in a design studio in London before moving to Oxford in 1978.

Having previously worked as an illustrator, Jane Peart took up printmaking 14 years ago and now specialises in copper plate etching. Jane says of her work, "I love the challenges that are created in printmaking. Using the medium of etching enables me to achieve a great strength of line or fine line detail and this combined with aquatint, which can create a range of tone from black to very delicate areas gives me huge scope in making my prints."

Jane finds inspiration from travels both in the UK and abroad and also enjoys making images of animals and birds. She says, "When making my prints my aim is to evoke the atmosphere of the place that inspires me or the character of the animals I am portraying."

Heather Power Summer Meadow Grass
Heather Power

Heather Power specialises in three main areas: printmaking, stained glass panels and book arts.
She graduated from Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education in 1999 with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art. During the course she was able to specialise in printmaking, with etching becoming her preferred medium.
She also enjoys using screen printing techniques and uses this method to apply images to stained glass panels.
Her Artists Books came as a natural progression to printmaking. Since graduating she has worked as one of the three technician managers at the Oxford Printmakers Co-operative, an open access print studio located near the centre of Oxford.
Recent work includes what the Oxford Times called "remarkable etchings of trees and evening meadow grasses silhouetted against a stark white background which enables the intricately etched bare branches to stand out as they would in nature when viewed against a clear winter sky".

Morna Rhys Castle at Usk

Morna Rhys into the Sunlight
Morna Rhys

Morna Rhys creates coloured etchings, mostly on copper plate, using line, colour, texture and tone, based on land and seascapes and on plant forms, trees, foliage and blossom.

When she became interested in etching, she found that it allowed her to experiment and create with colour, sometimes producing unexpected results, to make new artworks that are a product of the ideas and the process.

Now, Morna is expanding her printmaking techniques to use screen printing combined with etching. In particular, Morna has become well know for her scenes of Cornwall and Cornish landscapes and coastal scenes, with increasingly her scenes of Spain and Spanish landscapes becoming popular. Morna studied Fine Art at St Martin School of Art, London in the early 1970's. She subsequently completed an art teachers' certificate at Sussex and then went on to teach art at secondary level. Since then, she has taught in adult education and most recently worked as Artist in Residence at several Oxford primary schools and at the Botanic Gardens, Oxford. She is a member of the Oxford Printmakers Cooperative and the Oxford Arts Society.

See a selection of Morna Rhys' work for sale in our online shop.

See a selection of work for sale in our online shop.

See details of our full 2014 programme HERE.

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