"Hannah Willow & Friends"

Friday 21 August 2015 - Sunday 13 September 2015

We are delighted to be hosting an exhibition featuring the paintings and jewellery of the wonderful Hannah Willow. Plus an exciting selection of hugely talented invited guest artists including Tamsin Abbott (stained glass), Wendy Andrew (painting), Jack Beaumont - The Dancing Crow (maker of interesting things using recycled materials), Andrew Fusek Peters (photography), Debbie Hall (willow work), Oz Hardwick (poetry), Jitka Nespoor (textiles), Fiona Owen (painting), John Owen (painting), Elaine Peto (ceramic sculpture), Philthetree (wood work), Lucy Pendrick (sculpture using foraged & felted items), Jaine Rose (textile art) and Rima Staines (painting & prints).

Below is just a small selection of the work that will be on show during this exhibition and a little bit more about the exhibiting artists.
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Hannah Willow - Jewellery & Painting

Since first taking Hannah's beautiful jewellery and paintings at Obsidian in 2010 we loved it so much that we have continued to stock her jewellery and prints all the time.

This exhibition will feature some of Hannah's newest magical paintings, including her latest pieces on gold leaf, and gorgeously crafted jewellery, created especially for the exhibition. We can't wait to see it!

A selection of Hannah's work is avaiulable to purchase all year round through our online shop and we can post to you if you can't get to us.

See more images by Hannah Willow.

Click HERE for Hannah's biography.

Wendy Andrew - Painting

The exhibition will feature new paintings by Wendy created specially for this show, as well as prints, cards & her gorgeous 'Luna Moon Hare' book.

Click HERE for a selection of Wendy's work available on our online shop.

For more information about Wendy click HERE for her biography information.

Tamsin Abbott - Stained Glass

Here at Obsidian we are already huge fans of Tamsin's wonderful stained glass, and we stock her work here all the time, but this exhibition gives us a chance to exhibit lots more, including some gorgeous larger pieces. Bliss !

Click HERE to see a small selection of Tamsin's work on our online shop.

Click HERE for more information about Tamsin and her glass.

Jack Beamount ("The Dancing Crow")

Maker of interesting things using recycled materials. The exhibition will feature new work by The Dancing Crown - Jack Beamont - beautiful wooden sculptures and some exciting new hand-produced lincocuts with gold leaf.

See our online shop for more images by The Dancing Crow.

Andrew Fusek Peters - Photography

We are delighted to be showing work for the first time by the talented wildlife photographer, Andrew Fusek Peters.
Short-listed for British Wildlife Photography Awards, Andrew says of his work, "I am interested in the study of light and place, movement and stillness, whether through landscape, architecture or wildlife."

His photographs have recently featured in a two page spread in Amateur Photographer.

Debbie Hall - Willow Work

Debbie Hall has been hooked on working with willow since she made her first basket in 1995, and the majority of her artistic career has been focused on weaving this beautiful, natural, versatile material. Her first degree was in Fine Art, and she subsequently completed an MA in Illustration; her diverse artistic backgrounds and interests have contributed directly to her core practice of working with willow.

Debbie says of her work, "I love that my body is directly engaged with the shaping of the material – skin on bark - with very little intervention of tools. My hands and eyes respond to and find natural shapes and forms within willow. When immersed in the flow of creating, my willow sculpture and baskets are intuitive responses to the inherent beauty of the material, as they emerge from their surroundings. I shape and create in the hope that my rooted and profound connection to willow, and to nature, shines through."

Jitka Nespoor - Textile Artist

Jitka uses plant materials to print and dye natural fabrics and fibres such as silk, wool and cotton and their combination in felt making.

By exploring the range of shapes and colours of leaves, berries and roots available freely around us together with metal scraps and findings Jitka creates wearable pieces and textile accessories.

Fiona Owen - Painting

Fiona paints in oil on panel and gilds her work with 24ct. English gold leaf in the tradition of the Medieval manuscripts. Inspiration for her extraordinarily intricate, lyrical paintings is drawn from her native landscape - the flora and fauna and the changing seasons, and her Celtic inheritance.

She endeavours to capture the elusive Wild Magic that is the genius loci - the spirit unique to each place. Her paintings are a celebration of, and a homage to, Nature. She works in the tradition of the Mystic Visionaries, from William Blake, Samuel Palmer, Richard Jeffries, through to Cedric Morris, Kathleen Raine and Robin Tanner, and believes this pattern in painting and writing to be a thread through time, existing metaphysically as a united body of consciousness.

Click HERE for a selection of Fiona's paintings & prints available on our online shop.

F.John Owen - Painting

The exploration and expression of light has always been John’s inspiration and to conjure it out of base pigment is a kind of alchemy. Some of the paintings in this exhibition explore the nocturnal world, paintings that capture that dart of light across a harbour or bay as the tide takes hold. The striped and coloured lights add to anticipation before Christmas in St Ives.There are also landscapes in this show with a mystical light that glows over the Severn Vale, Cotswold fields and Glastonbury Tor. Every painting has a quiet narrative – tales of dark winter evenings, glowing sunsets or bright sunshine - each work a small world within a frame.

Click HERE for a selection of John's paintings & prints available on our online shop.

Elaine Peto - Ceramic Sculpture

Wonderful animal sculptures by renowned artist, Elain Peto.

Each animal is individually made by the process of slab building in clay, i.e. rolling out a sheet of clay and forming the body, then gradually adding slab by slab to form the whole animal. The details are then remodeled until the animal is complete. It is then biscuit fired, glazed and re-fired to stoneware.

Click HERE for a selection of Elaine Peto's sculptures available to view in our online shop.

Phil the Tree (Phil Holmes) - wood work

Wonderful hand-turned bowls and pieces made from locally sourced wood.

Phil the Tree lives in a cabin with Hannah Willow, eight cats, three dogs...several feral children...chickens, ducks and geese in the garden... next to an orchard full of ancient apple trees.

Click HERE for a selection of Phil's pieces available to view in our online shop.

Lucy Pendrick - Sculpture Using Foraged & Felted Items

Wonderful felted creatures hand-crafted by Lucy Pendrick.

Jaine Rose - Textile Art

Textile art by Jaine Rose.

Rima Staines - Painting & Prints

Rima Staines is an artist using paint, wood, word, music, animation, clock-making, puppetry and story to attempt to build a gate through the hedge that grows along the boundary between this world and that. Her gate-building has been a lifelong pursuit, and she hopes to have perhaps propped aside even one spiked loop of bramble (leaving a chink just big enough for a mud-kneeling, trusting eye to glimpse the beauty there beyond), before she goes through herself.

Click HERE for a selection of Rima's paintings and prints available to view in our online shop.


Oz Hardwick - Poetry

Oz Hardwick is a York-based writer, photographer, lecturer and occasional musician. As well as two well-received poetry collections, 'The Kind Ghosts' (2004) and 'Carrying Fire' (2006), he has published widely in international literary journals and performed throughout Europe and the US.

Hannah Willow often engraves excerpts of Oz's poetry onto her silver jewellery. The exhibition will features some of this work, as well as four of Oz's poetry books which can also be purchased online here.

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